Sharing Happiness

Did you know that the words you say change the perception of how your loved ones see and think about themselves?

Next time your loved one is falling asleep, look deep into their eyes and say this to them with all the meaning, clarity and intention you can find inside.

“I love your energy.”

“I love listening to you, and learning from you”

“I am so grateful you’re in my life.”

“I love seeing you grow”

“I am so happy you’re alive.”

“You’re an amazing partner/son/daughter/father/mother/human being”

“After seeing [this thing you did today],  I am so excited for your future”

And, when they say thank you…

Tell them “You’re welcome. You deserve it… and you’re worth it.”



“The only thing you know, is what you can put into words.” -Alan Watts

Written by Nigel Ocean

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